Zaragoza City Guide

How to get there

Zaragoza has the privilege of being located right in the middle of Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao, making it a logistical center for all of Spain. Read more

What to See

Getting to know a city's neighborhoods - or "barrios" - is a great way to discover its true character while simultaneously getting to see its monuments and landmarks.Read more

What to Do

Zaragoza has something for every palate, ranging from traditional Aragonese asadors for deliciously slow roasted or charcoal barbecued meats to tons of bustling. Read more

Learn here Zaragoza, like most other Spanish cities, has certainly seen its fair share of civilizations, conquests.

Culture & the Arts

A mix of civilizations has shaped this city's 2000 year old story, making it a veritable gold mine of cultural sites. As a result, Zaragoza is a city made for cultural tourism. Read more

Trips from Zaragoza

Zaragoza is an incredibly easy place to get to and from. It's right in between (and only an hour and a half away from) Barcelona and Madrid, and between Bilbao and Valencia. Read more

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How to Use this Guide

We want to give you all the information for you to decide the best visits and activities in Zaragoza, learn about the city's background -About Zaragoza- and how to move around town -Transportation- amongst many other interesting details.