Museums in Zaragoza

A good way to learn about this city's long and varied past is to visit its museums. Zaragoza has many, and the best part is that most of them are free! Here's a list to get you started.

Museum of Zaragoza - Archaeology and Fine Arts


The building that this museum is housed in was used as part of the Hispanic-French Exhibition of 1908.  It's divided into two large sections: Archaeology and Fine Art.  The Archaeology section has interesting artifacts from pre-history to the Muslim period, including evidence of Zaragoza's Iberian settlements and remains found in the Aljaferia Palace.  In the Fine Art section, works from the 12th century to modern times can be found, along with lots of Gothic paintings and works by Francisco de Goya too.

Plaza de los Sitios, 6
Tlf: 976 222 181
free admission

Museum of Zaragoza- Ceramics and Ethnology
Forming part of the main Museum of Zaragoza, these two smaller buildings contain traditional Aragonese furniture, tools, clothes, jewelery, various ceramics and pottery.

Parque Grande ( Primo de Rivera Park)
free admission

Pilar Museum


This museum is located inside the Basilica of Pilar and has a collection of items which have been donated to the Virgin Mary, such as cloaks, jewels and sculptures.  Other samples of Religious Art include processional statues and paintings. Not to be missed are some of the original sketches and designs of the church's art, done by the Bayeau brothers, Velazquez, Goya and others. 

Plaza del Pilar
Tlf. 976 397 497
2€ general admission

Tapestry Chapter Museum of La Seo
This museum is housed inside the magnificent La Seo Cathedral and holds one of the world's best collections of tapestries, which date back to the 15th and 16th centuries. There are about sixty panels on display.

Plaza de la Seo, 4
Tlf. 976 291 231
Free admission

Caesaraugusta Forum Museum (Museo del Foro)


This is one of the four Classical Roman Archaeological Museums in Zaragoza which show what life was like during Roman times.  It is situated underground in the Plaza of La Seo and on the site of the old Roman Forum.  You can see remains of the temple, market stalls, pipes, a sewer, sculptures and some objects of daily use.  Don't miss the interesting audio-visual presentation that explains life in Roman times.

Plaza de la Seo, 2
Tlf. 976 399 752
2€ general admission

Caesaraugusta River Port Museum
Remains of the old harbour, and the structure of a building which connected the old Roman Forum to the River Ebro are found in this museum, along with evidence of the extensive trading that took place along this river.  There is also an informative audio-visual display.

Plaza San Bruno, 8
Tlf. 976 393 157
2€ general admission

Caesaraugusta Theater Museum
This ancient  Roman theater was built in the 1st century and is one of the largest in Roman Spain. It was found by accident during a construction project in 1972, and has the capacity for 6000 people.  

C/San Jorge, 12
Tlf. 976 205 088
2€ general admission

Caesaraugusta Public Bath Museum


Ancient evidence of the Roman colony of Caesar Augustus can be seen in this museum, including remains of the latrine room, dressing room, foundations of the baths and a swimming pool. Everything dates back to 1st century to 4th century B.C. There is also an audio-visual show.

San Juan and San Pedro Street. 3-7
Tlf. 976 297 279
2€ general admission

Ibercaja Camon Aznar Museum
Housed in the beautiful 16th century Renaissance Palace of Los Pardos, this museum boasts more than 800 different works. There are various rooms displaying a wide variety of art, ranging from avant-garde to Renaissance, Baroque, and contemporary.  One of the rooms is dedicated to Goya and his etchings.

Espoz and Miña, 23
Tlf. 976 397 387
Free admission

Pablo Gargallo Museum
Pablo Gargallo was a famous Aragonese sculptor and you'll find an extensive collection of his sculptures inside a stunning 16th century Renaissance Palace, which was declared a National Monument in 1943.  Also on display are his drawings, comics, engravings and biographical documents.

Plaza San Felipe, 3
Tlf. 976 724 922
Free admission

Pablo Serrano Museum
Another great Aragonese sculptor was Pablo Serrano.  Many different examples of his work and evidence of his creative development can be found in this museum.   Also on display are a collection of of his artist-wife Juana Frances' paintings, along with a selection of work by Santiago Laguna, who was a pioneer in Spanish abstract painting.

Paseo Maria Agustin, 20
Tlf. 976 280 659
Free admission

History Center of Zaragoza


This Center can be found inside the ancient San Agustin Convent.  The convent was used as part of the city's defence during the famous French sieges of 1808 and 1809.   Much of it was destroyed during the battle, but it's bell tower and the façade of  the Baroque church can still be seen.  Inside there are 4 exhibition floors with 4 rooms on each one.  Evidence of Zargoza's past, and links to the present are on display.  With archaeological findings from the Iberians, Romans and Muslims.  The building is also used for more modern artistic exhibitions, films, educational workshops, conferences, theatre, music and dance shows.

Plaza San Agustin, 2
Tlf. 976 205 640

Patio de la Infanta
San Ignacio de Loyola, s/n (Inside the Ibercaja headquarters building)
Tlf. 976 767 676

Museo de la Torre
C/Torre Nueva, 29
Tlf. 976 298 998

La Lonja
Plaza Pilar
Tlf. 976 397 239