Zaragoza City Guide: Zaragoza by Neighborhood


Getting to know a city's neighborhoods - or "barrios" - is a great way to discover its true character while simultaneously getting to see its monuments and landmarks.
Zaragoza is a city which is a perfect size for walking, which makes for an easy, cheap and enjoyable way to get to know all its charming neighborhoods. From the stunning Aljaferia Muslim Palace along the Western banks of the River Ebro to the modernist buildings in Plaza España and the majesty and mystery of the historic center, Zaragoza has tons of things to see and do. As you explore Zaragoza's neighborhoods, you'll encounter endless Roman ruins, churches, palaces, Mudejar masterpieces, museums, theatres, shops, restaurants, bars and more.  So have a look at these links below, and make sure you don't miss a thing!