Spain Safety & Emergency Information

Emergency Numbers


The fact that Zaragoza is not one of the more touristy cities in Spain makes it less attractive for thieves looking to prey on unsuspecting foreigners. As such, chances that you'll be affected by any kind of crime here are highly unlikely.  However, having said that, like anywhere else in the world, it's not impossible. Things to watch out for would be petty crimes like pick-pocketing or bag snatching. However, simploy be smart and use your common sense and you'll be ok. If, against all the odds, something were to happen, here are a few numbers you should know just in case.

Emergencies: 112
National Police: 091
Civil Guard: 062
Local Police: 092
Zaragoza Police: 976 711 400
Fire: 080
Red Cross: 902 222 292

Other Useful Numbers


R.E.N.F.E (National Train Service): 902 243 302
R.E.N.F.E. Train Station Zaragoza: 902 240 202
Bus Station: 902 490 690
Post Office (Correos): 902 197 197
Visas & Embassies, Consulates

Credit Card Numbers In Spain

American Express: 915 720 303
Mastercard: 900 971 231
VISA: 900 974 445


Like any Spanish city, Zaragoza has lots of pharmacies that are easy to spot; just look for the big green neon crosses that they use as signs. Here's a list of some central pharmacies in Zaragoza which have longer hours than most.

Farmacia Manuel Plaza Mayor
Calle Don Jaime I, 23
976 299 748

Farmacia Ortopedia Morte
Paseo Sagasta, 8
976 226 203

Farmacia Basaldua
Paseo de las Damas, 19
976 211 945



Hospital Universitario Miguel Servet
Paseo Isabel la Católica, 1-3
976 765 500

Hospital Clinico Universitario "Lozano blesa" Zaragoza
Avenida San Juan Bosco, 15
976 556 400

Hospital Real and Provincial
Nuestra Señora de Gracia
976 440 022