Zaragoza Historic Center


The heart of the old historic area is Plaza Pilar, with the huge Basilica of Pilar at its center.  It lies on the banks of the River Ebro in the North of the city.  To get to, or leave from, the historic center, you can take either Don Jaime I street or Alfonso I street. They both lead to Plaza Pilar and link the old and new centers together.  Don't miss the areas known as "el Tubo" or "el Coso", which are in the middle.


In a nutshell:

Zaragoza's historic center has an overwhelming wealth of interesting things to see and do. Here you can discover everything from Roman ruins, UNESCO World Heritage Muslim Mudejar buildings, Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic architecture, churches, palaces and lots of museums.  Not to mention centuries old bakeries and sweet shops, tons of  stores, cafés, restaurants, bars and, of course, some of Zaragoza's best tapas!

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