Culture in Zaragoza's Historic City Center

Zaragoza's 2000-year old center is without a doubt a hot spot for culture, sightseeing and entertainment.  Almost everything you would want to know about this city's coloured past can be found here in its character filled core.  Take a walk through history as you admire the beauty and legacy of  fabulous plazas and mazes of old streets packed with ruins, monuments, museums, churches, palaces, shops, bars, terraces and tapas.

Where to experience culture in the Historic Center:


  • Pilar Museum
  • La Seo Tapestry Museum
  • Caesaraugusa Forum Museum
  • Caesaraugusta Riverport Museum
  • Caesaraugusta Public Bath Museum
  • Caesaraugusta Theatre Museum
  • Ibercaja Camon Aznar Museum
  • Pablo Gargallo Museum
  • Pablo Serrano Museum
  • Camon Aznar Museum


  • Teatro Principal

Concert Venues:

  • La Casa del Loco
  • Sala Oasis


  • Mercado Central
  • Mercado de San Bruno