Concerts in Zaragoza

The city of Zaragoza has a thriving new music scene and has produced some nationaly and even internationally known names. Some well known singers and group swith roots in Zaragoza include Amaral, Joaquin Carbonell, La Bullonera, Violadores del Verso, Niños de Brazil and the much loved Heroés del Silencio. There are also many famous and favourite local bands, such as La Costa Brava, Devito, Tres Mellizas, Bigott, Tachenko, Kyoto, Big City, Copiloto, Picore, Galgo Rebelde, and Carmen Pazis. 

There are lots of concert venues in the center, and there are all kinds of  festivals - both indoors and outdoors and featuring all genres - held throughout the year. So, while your in town, why not find some time to catch a show.  To get listings and information about upcoming concerts and festivals, look in any local newspaper or in the very helpful online entertainment guide at

Zaragoza Concert Venues:

Sala Mozart del Auditorio de Zargoza
Calle Eduardo Ibarra, 1 b
976 721 300


Centro Cultural CAI
Paseo de las Damas

Pabellón Principe Felipe
Cesáro Alierta

Teatro Principal
Plaza José Sinués,2
976 296 090


Teatro del Mercado
Plaza de Santa Domingo
976 437 662

La Campaña de los Perdidos
Calle Prudencio, 7
976 398 085

La Casa de Loco
Calle Mayor, 10

Calle Boggiero,29


Sala Reset
Calle Luis Bermejo, 9

La Lata de Bombillas
Calle María Moliner,7

The Cavern
Calle Santa Cruz, 7

Bass Space
Calle Fernando Catolico, 70