Tourism South of Plaza de España


  • Zaragoza Museum of Archaeology and Fine Arts
  • Patio de la Infanta
  • Church of Santa Engracia
  • Church of San Miguel de los Navarros
  • Casino Mercantil
  • Paranfino Universitario. Antigua Facultad de Medicina y Ciencias
  • Post office building

The Museum of Zaragoza is located in the historic Plaza de los Sitios (Plaza of the Sieges), which is a monument to the bloody battles against the French that took place here in 1808 and 1809. The building itself was made using different forms of brick work in the traditional Aragonese style. Representations of Artists and their sponsors can be seen on the façade. Inside, we are treated to an interesting collection of archaeological artifacts that range from pre-history to the Muslim period, along with an extensive fine arts section that includes several paintings, sculptures and a series of ceramics and coins from the 12th century. There is also one room dedicated to Zaragoza's own Francisco de Goya.

The Patio of the Infanta,  located inside the head office of a local bank, has quite the story behind it.  It was initially part of a 16th century palace which was destroyed after three fires. Then, in 1903 a French antiques dealer managed to buy it and subsequently took it with him to Paris.  But, in 1957 Zaragoza's savings bank, Ibercaja, located it and bought it back.  They stored it for awhile then in 1980 when they built their new head office, they put it up for public display.  This opulent Renaissance patio is named after Teresa de Villabriga, the woman who lived in the old palace.  It's free to get in so make sure you go have a look.  Don't miss the extremely ornate pillars which are up for interpretation, but seem to have allusions to Hercules, Monarchy and love.  An added bonus is the permanent exhibition of works by Goya.


The old structure of  the church of San Miguel de los Navarros started out as Romanic, but was expanded upon in the 14th century with Mudejar construction.  And later, further renovations took place, which were Baroque in style. Look for the restored tower which is decorated with raised brick work and the impressive Mudejar apse on the outside.

The secretary of the famous Catholic King Ferdinand was the owner of the land where this magnificent building now stands.  It is the Casino Mercantil on Coso street.  One of Zaragoza's best examples of Modernism, this structue is highly decorated and has a fantastic façade that was made in 1912 by Françisco Albiñana. Go inside and be sure to check out the Red Room, the restaurant, the vestibule and the main stair case. The building now houses the Aragonese savings bank: Cajalon.