Zaragoza Bars & Clubs

Zaragoza is a city that is literally packed with bars and clubs.  In fact, it's the city with the most bars per capita in the whole of Spain!  As a result, finding somewhere to go out in this city really couldn't get much easier!

This vast nightlife scene is conveniently organised into "zonas", or areas, that cater to different age groups, play various types of music and provide all kinds of atmosphere. Get some guidance from this basic breakdown of the main areas, what to expect, and some of the bars and clubs to be found there.

Royo or Moncasi

Between Calle Juan Pablo Bonet and Avenida de Goya.
Lots of bars here with Spanish pop music, techno, house, heavy metal, hip-hop and rock, mostly for a younger crowd.
between Jose Moncasi and Avenida Goya.


Perpetuo Socorro, 5
Pub music

Juan Pablo Bonet, 24
Spainsh Pop/ Rock

Mastro Marquina, 20
Pop/ Rock

Maestro Marquina, 20
Pub Pop/Rock

Universidad/ Bretón

Plaza de San Francisco/ Calle Tomás Bretón/ San Juan de la Cruz/ around the University campus.
This is a calmer area with lots of bars and pubs to start the night, or have a conversation over a beer with friends.

Juan Sebastián Bar
Teniente Catalán, 7
Jazz, Flamenco, Blues


La Luna
Teniente Catalán, 3
Pub, Pop/ Rock

El Chiringuito "Las Cavas"
Bretón,  44
Various styles of music, pub atmosphere.

TNT Rock
San Antonio María Claret, 43-45
Pop/ Rock

La Zona

León XIII. / Calle de San Vicente Mártir and Calle de General Sueiro.
Older crowds gather here for posher bars and pubs with a mix of music styles.


El Cielo
Cesareo Alierta, 6
Various house/latin

Buddha Centrick Club
San Vicente Martir, 23
Pop/ Rock

Maria Lostal, 25
Pop/ Rock

Maria Lostal, 5
Techno/ House

La Paz/ San Juan de la Cruz

San Juan de la Cruz/ General Sueiro and around
Alternative music, techno, house and a crowd of all ages

Genera Sueiro, 46
Alternative/ Pop/ Rock

Comondante Santa Pau, 10


Candy Warhol
Calle Bolonia,26
Indy, pop/ rock

Sala Zeta
Latassa, 14
Rock/ Pop

La Lata de Bombillas
Maria Moliner, 7
Pop/ Rock/ live shows

El Sol
La Paz, 23

Casco Antiguo (Old Quarter), El Tubo

From plaza de San Felipe to plaza del Justicia/ Calle del Temple and around.
This area is a classic for going out.  It's close to busy Tapas bars, good for all ages, and with various styles of music.  Don't go before 12:00, as bars get going usually around 2:30.

Calle de Espoz y Mina, 12
Indy, alternative, pop/ Rock

Café Praga
Plaza Santa Cruz, 11
Jazz/ Flamenco/ Blues

Despierta Fierro!
Los Estudios, 7

La Cucaracha
Calle del Temple, 25
mixed crowd, pub-disco

Bar Corto Maltés
Calle del Temple, 23
rowdy student pub

Plaza Ariñol
relaxed atmosphere, Jazz, Blues and chill-out

La Casa del Loco
Calle Mayor, 18
Pop/ Rock

Boggiero, 28
Pop/ Rock/ House/ live shows