Bus Travel to Zaragoza


Zaragoza has an excellent infrastructure for transportation and is well-communicated to all important cities of Spain and Europe. Whether it be by plane, train or even bus, Zaragoza is a very easy place to get to and from. The Zaragoza bus stations have recently been united into one fancy new building called Delicias Station.  It is located in the area of the city also called Delicias. 

Zaragoza Bus Station - Estación Central de Autobuses de Zaragoza
Avenida Navarra, 80
Tlf: 902 490 690
City buses to/ from Delicias: 51, 129, 142, 21, 25, 27,42

Bus Companies

  • AGREDA Automovil and Alosa
  • Autobuses Magallon S.L.
  • Autocares ABASA
  • Samar- Buil
  • Aragon Tours- Automoviles- Zaragoza
  • Grupo Autobuses Jiménez- Tezasa
  • ALSA
  • La Olscense (ALOSA)
  • Leza
  • Autobuses Cinco Villas
  • Autobuses THERPASA
  • Eurolines
  • Linebus
  • Autobuses Conda
  • Autocares Río Aranda
  • Saiztour
  • Sanguésa
  • Pedro Vera