Real Zaragoza Football Team


Football season in Spain never seems to end, as games and championships are played for the most part of the year here. Plus, with the Spanish leagues being some of the best in the world, it's easy to see where all the love comes from. Zaragoza's local team, Real Zaragoza and nicknamed "los maños" or "blanquillos", have played mostly for the First División league. However, after a total of 45 seasons in this "Primera" division they were recently moved down to the second division after a close decider match against FC Mallorca. It is the lower league of the two top Spanish divisions but is just as action-packed. Like in most Spanish cities, on game days it's hard not to get caught up in that contagious energy that spills out of the stadium and into the city's bars and streets.

To catch Real Zaragoza in action, head over to the Romareda Stadium.

Romareda Zaragoza
Calle Anador De Los Hudies, 12
976 558 496