Zaragoza Bullfights


Renowned, highly ritualized, extremely traditional and always controvesial are ways to describe bullfighting in Spain.  Even Hemingway, who had a great admiration for the sport, wrote famously and lovingly about it in his novel Death in the Afternoon. Although bullfighting is not as popular as it once was, it is still adamantly followed and adored by many here. Zaragoza's bullring is one of the oldest in Spain and was built in the Neo-mudejar style.  It was inaugerated on October 8th, 1764, just before the Pilar festival.  After many additions and renovations, the bullring now has a seating capacity for 10,072 people.

Bullfighting season in Zaragoza starts in February and lasts into the first weeks of October. The best time to see a bullfight in Zaragoza is during the major festivals, especially the city's most important festival: El Pilar. The Pilar Festival takes place the week of the 12th of October every year. 


Here's some useful information on how to  find out about upcoming bullfights and how to get tickets:

Plaza de Toros de la Misericordia
Calle Gómez Salvo s/n,
976 430 229