Tapas Restaurants in Zaragoza


Zaragoza is a city well known for its wide variety and long list of brilliant tapas bars. The most popular areas to enjoy this age old snacking tradition are in the old historic center called "Casco Viejo" (Old Quarter) and in the nearby El Tubo.

Start off in the old plazas, and tiny winding streets south of La Seo. The popular plaza Santa Marta is a perfect place to begin.¬† Check out Cerveceria Marpy, Vitorinos II, El lince, Taranguantúa or Casa Amadico.¬†Another important area for tapas restaurants is known as El Tubo, at the south end of Heroismo street.¬† Don't fill up in the first bar you try; half the fun comes from walking around, exploring the areas and soaking up the all the different atmospheres in what is basically good old fashioned bar-hopping!

Zaragoza Tapas Bars

  • Taranguantúa (Plaza Santa Marta)
  • Casa Amadico (Plaza Santa Marta)
  • El Lince (Plaza Santa Marta)
  • Casa Juanico (Calle Santa Cruz, 21)
  • La Calzorras (Plaza de San Pedro Nolasco)
  • Casa de Mar (Calle San Andrés, 9)
  • Marisqueria Tony (Calle Don Jaime)
  • La Olla (Calle Mayor)
  • Bar Estudios (Calle Estudios)

Zaragoza Tapas Areas

  • Casco Viejo (Old Quarter)
  • El Tubo
  • Plaza San Miguel
  • Plaza Santa Marta
  • The center
  • The University area
  • Delicias
  • San Jose