Cafés in Zaragoza


Spain is a country with a very strong coffee culture; it's no wonder, as the coffee here is fantastic! However, don't even think about running in somewhere to grab a quick latte to go. Like many other things in Spain, coffee time is a moment to be slowly savoured and, unlike some of the bigger Spanish cities, the huge Starbucks chain hasn't even made it here yet. It's all for the best too; after all, why be in a rush when you're on holiday anyway? You can pretty much find great coffee for excellent prices at most bars throughout the city. 

If you're looking for a little more atmosphere or a great terrace to relax on, why not try some of these popular cafés:

Grand Café
Calle Alfonso I, 25

Café de Levante
Almagro, 4


Café del Mercado
Calle Murallas romanas, 4

Café La Palma
Avenida Goya, 20

Café Argüelles
San Miguel, 25

Plaza Santa Cruz